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. >>> the fleecing of america. how did this happen? a perfectly modern airport, paid for by your tax dollars with no scheduled flights. >>> no deal. the latest twist in the late night drama. conan o'brien tells nbc he will not do "the tonight show" after jay leno every night. >>> making a difference. a woman giving others the gift she found when she got here." nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we have a developing story, a breaking news story tonight. a major earthquake has hit haiti, to the south and east of the u.s. and cuba. magnitude 7.0, making it the largest quake ever recorded in this region, according to the u.s. geological survey. the epicenter, we are told, very close to the capital city of port-au-prince. >> reporter: a powerful earthquake struck the capital porto prince. a poor and densely populated city of 2.5 million people. the the make will make the destruction more widespread. there are reports of people dead and injured trapped under the rubble. a u.s. government official there says the sky is gray with dust, houses ha
. haiti has been hit hard by a big earthquake. we'll have the very latest. >>> the fleecing of america. how did this happen? a perfectly modern airport, paid for by your tax dollars with no scheduled flights. >>> no deal. the latest twist in thlate night drama. conan o'brien tells nbc he will not do "the tonight show" after jay leno every night. so now what? >>> making a difference. a woman giving others the gift she found when she got here. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-unersal television >>> good evening. we have a developing story, a breaking news story tonight. a major earthquake has h haiti, to the south and east of the u.s. and cuba. magnitude 7.0, making it the largest quake ever recorded in this region, according to the u.s. geological survey. the epicenter, we are told, very close to the capital city of port-au-prince. because details at this hour are sketchy, nbc's ron allen has been pulling together all of the latest developments from our newsroom in new york. good evening. >> reporter: each report fro there makes the situation souns worse. a powerful
obama, and what the president is doing about it. the fleecing of america, our popular series is back on the air by popular demand. toght those who steal money from all of us. >>> and making a difference, for thousands of people who just need clothes, why hasn't this idea been around longer? >>> richard nixon on modern art and his hatred of a new york landmark. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> because this is a family broadcast, we probably can't say what we'd like to about mark mcgwire, the home run hit ter. he stopped lying today and mitted he did it on steroids. for those of us who were raising young baseball fans who looked up to mk mcgwire, that summer of '98 was magical stuff as he and sammy sosa vied back and forth to be the home run king. he's been unable to get into the hall of fame, and apparently even for him, the shame here was too much. we start off tonight with ann ompson. >> reporter: looking back, the admission seems inevitable. mark mcgwire with his larger than life arms in the '90s. >> it's a season that i will never, ever
barack obama, and what the president is doing about it. >>> "the fleecing of america" our popular series is back on the air by popular demand. >>> making a difference for thousands of people who just need clothes. why hasn't this idea been around longer? >>> also, richard nixon on modern art and his hatred of a new york landmark opinion captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> we probably can't say what we'd like to say about mark mcgwire. for those of us who were raising young baseball fans and young baseball players who looked up to mark mcgwire, that summer of '98 was magical stuff as he and sammy sosa vied back and forth. he didn't tell the truth to congress or his fans until finally formally coming clean today. he's been unable to get into the hall of fame, and even for him, the shame was too much. we start off tonight with ann thompson. >> reporter: looking back, the admission seems inevitable. slugger mark mcgwire with his larger than life arms in the '90s. >> this is a season i will never forget. >> sending baseball soaring for the days of the st. louis cardinals. many h
. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. >> reporter: with no communication or power, the people of haiti cannot hear him. after flying ten hours, cutting short a trip to the pacific, the secretary of state arrived at dawn and appeared on "the today show." >> this is, i don't want to mislead anybody, this is a devastating catastrophe. just to figure out what steps to take so we don't make the situation worse. >> reporter: a state department task force is coordinating aid. soldiers from the 82nd airborne, the "uss vincent" carrying helicopters and air supplies, 2,000 marines, the floating hospital "the comfort" is in baltimore. >> i told my children where i'm going. mommy is on the big ship going to help the sick babies. >> reporter: most government buildings collapsed, but the white house says the u.s. is not running haiti. >> the haitian government is in control of haiti. they are the government of haiti. >> reporter: the united nations, believed to have suffered its worst casualties in u.n. history released $10 million. the world food program will administer 86 tons
, equipped him with those explosives,nd directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: a troubled nation racked by poverty and insurrection, yemen has seen more and more radicals operate within its borders as a weak central government struggles to contain the threat. >> that's worrying. the idea that yemen is turning into a base for international terrorist operations, not just regional terrorist operations. >> reporter: this weekend david petraeus, america's top commander in the region, was in yemen coordinating strategy and pledging to more than double the $67 million in counterterror american aid already being sent there. today a top official says american help won't stop there. >> military action is possible in yemen? >> everything is possible as far as our cooperation with the yemeni government. >> reporter: as he wraps up his time in hawaii, the president plans to meet tuesday in washington with the nation's intelligence and security leaders to review what he has called human and systemic failures that almost led to a disaster on christmas morning. and lester, joh
and negatively. stock prices for bank of america, jm morgan chase and goldman sachs and others fell sharply. >> it feels like they rushed this announcement a little bit. the devil will be in the details of what they mean by the prohibitions on the banks. >> reporter: the president unveiled his plan on the day massachusetts senator-elect scott brown made his triumphant debut on capitol hill, after using populist themes to win what had been a sure democratic seat. aides say the plan, brain child of former federal reserve chair paul volcker had been in the works for months. >> those were in the planning before there ever was an election in massachusetts. >> reporter: today's action by the president actually was done over the objections of two of his key economic advisors, treasury secretary tim geithner and chief economic advisor larry summers. they argued against doing this, saying it would be too tough on the banks. the president vetoed them, the populist rhetoric winning the day over those that had been criticized for being too close to wall street. >> chuck todd starting us off there tonig
, and how to fix the problem. >>> on ice, bitter cold across america. the problem is record lows in places where people thought they could escape winter. >>> women's health. what you need to know. in our series tonight, all these years later, is the prognosis better for one particular silent killer? >>> and another dimension. is there a deeper meaning embedded in the 3-d movie "avatar?" "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. he didn't succeed, thankfully, but the fact a suicide bomber came so close to blowing a commercial jet out of the sky on christmas day over detroit has mobilized the federal government. it was why during another jittery day for air travel in this country, the president back from vacation, called his senior national security staff togeer today for a meeting, after which he said, the problem isn't collecting the intelligence, it's connecting the intelligence all together. he said the u.s. knew enough to stop this, but apparently what we have here is a failure to communicate. we have it all covered tonight beginning with
of a tremendous u.s. effort that will last a long time. america's military is here answering haiti's call for help. with a steady stream of military hardware, helicopters, c-130s, bringing in medicines, food, water and manpower, and taking out hundreds of americans. the young, the old, and the injured, including missionaries. >> i love haiti. i would stay longer, but i'm told it's not safe. a great place. people are wonderful there. but it's a sad situation. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier the "uss carl vinson" is offshore speeding up the delivery of aid, and none too soon says the u.s. coast guard which has been dealing with the impact of this earthquake for days. we are getting a chance to get a close-up look at the challenge the u.s. military is facing. a coast guard boat takes us where cars cannot, to the coast guard base. here coast guardsmen are engaged in a battle to save lives. everywhere you look, people suffering massive injuries, and they keep coming with crushed limbs, severe infections, broken bones. commander john driscoll. >> we were making splints out of wood, plastic, everything
meeting their families here in america. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we actually have an astounding story to show you coming out of the tragedy in haiti, but first here tonight and briefly, a story you may have heard something about late in the day today. the british are saying a terrorist attack is, "highly likely" though they say there is no evidence it is imminent. the threat is to be from the arabian peninsula branch of al qaeda. we'll begin with a brief update from our own brief williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security was further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. n
intelligence information with the nation today, and now he and others want to know why america's intelligence agencies failed to share that information with each other. today president obama revealed for the first time what many had suspected since the attempted bombing on christmas day, al qaeda was behind it. >> it appears that he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says that the suspect, umar abdulmutallab, made his al qaeda contacts and received his training in yemen, a country wracked by poverty and an ongoing civil war. now fertile ground for extremists driven from strongholds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> there's really basically a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorists and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them from operating. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face-to-face meeting with top officials set for tuesday at the white ho
and to the people of the world. in theseifficult hours, america stands united. we stand united with the people of haiti, who have shown such incredible resilience, and we will help them to recover and to rebuild. >> i know a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i will do is make sure your money is spent wisely. >> and a program note, david gregory will have much more with former presidents clinton and bush on tomorrow's edition of "meet the press" here on nbc. >>> we have talked earlier in the broadcast about those who have not yet received the help that continues to pour into this airport. but we saw an example of those who did. it was at a camp for displaced victims. michelle kosinski was there as it happened. michelle? >> reporter: lester, we saw some of that. what we saw today was a makeshift camp in a park that had swelled to thousands of people. but then we saw how quickly coping peacefully can turn to chaos. hundreds of people line a hastily arranged barrier of chairs. at a u.s. army installation at a port-au-prince
issue, health care. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. >> they don't want the government taking over health care. they made that abundantly clear last night. >> the people of massachusetts stood up and said, enough is enough. >> reporter: but the president said his party's loss was about something bigger. in fact, he told abc that the same voter sentiment that got him elected president in 2008 swept brown into office tuesday. >> people are angry and they're frustrated, not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> reporter: white house aides admit it was partly about health care. >> we heard from folks around the country. >> reporter: the president told abc he wants some version of health care reform passed quickly. brown's campaign focused criticism on the president's management of the terror threat. and daif the conservative website "the drudge report" began touting him as a presidential candidate. who is he? he will be the first senator in history to h
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're the victims of america's distracted driving epidemic. 9-year-old erica forney of colorado run over by a driver on a cell phone. >> the neurosurgeon came and told us that there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: 12-year-old joe teter of michigan killed by a driver on a cell phone who slammed into the car joe's mother was driving. >> i hope no mother has to ever watch her son die so pointlessly. for a phone call. somebody was making a phone call. >> reporter: and 16-year-old katie reynolds of omaha. >> i would have enjoyed being at her wedding, holding my grandchild. >> reporter: now new findings from the national safety council estimate 1.6 million accidents, or 28% of all crashes in 2008, were attributable to cell phones, both handheld and hands-free, and texting while driving. 6,000 deaths, half a million injuries. now, 30 years after mothers against drunk driving began a public crusade to save lives, the loved ones of those killed by distracted drivers have launched focus driven, a crusade against all distracted driving. jennifer smith's mother was killed by a driver on a cell phone. >>
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. snowballs and sleds to make this an ideal weinter weekend. peter alexander, nbc news, new york. >>> america had a front row seat yesterday as president obama held and extraordinary unscripted televised question and answer session with house republicans. today, it was the president who had a front row seat at a college basketball game and he took a few shots of his own. here's nbc's mike vi. >> reporter: the president huddling today with vice president and top advisers court side. for georgetown versus duke. then yolking about his own basketball skills comparing his game to miss political predicament. >> you're obviously a left hander. >> yeah. >> do you have any problem at all going to your right? >> you know, i went to the republican house caucus just yesterday to prove i could go to my right once in a while. >> the president of the united states. >> it was an encounter seldom seen, a public airing of grievance by political adversaries. >> i am not an ideologue. i'm not. >> reporter: the president appeared for more than an hour at a meeting of the house gop. as both sides let off steam. >>
begin a new life in america. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. the cloud of despair that has hung over this city since last tuesday has been pierced today by several moments of joy. in fact, in the last 24 hours there have been several cases of what many of us refer to as miracles, people taken, found from beneath the rubble alive and receiving treatment tonight. the question of how many people have died here continues to be bandied about. we've heard all kinds of numbers. the prime minister offering the latest estimate of perhaps 100,000 dead. but i have to ask how can he or anyone know? after what i witnessed today from aboard a u.s. coast guard helicopter. i was invited up for a tour of this area, of the devastation. i thought i had a perspective for how bad it was from here on the ground. in the air i realized i had no idea and perhaps we can't able -- won't be able to convey how bad it is from the sky as we see the collapsed buildings that go on as far as you can see across the horizon. we may never know how many people died here. but as i
>>> on our broadcast tonight, america the angry, but where do people place the blame? tonight we debut our new poll numbers on the eve of the president's big speech. >>> walking away. why so many americans are doing what used to be unthinkable, sing their homes on purpose. >>> getting out. the massxodus from haiti. >>> making a difference, the compassionate story of americans and an amazing ending to a story to tell you about. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we are going to begin tonight with a story that broke late in the day. it's a bombshell for the auto industry. as we've reported, toyota has been in the middle of a massive recall of several lines of cars because of a defect that may cause accelerators to stick. well, tonight the giant automaker has announced they will stop selling all the cars affected, and temporarily shut down production of some of the most popular vehicles in this country. tom costello has been covering this story. starts us off tonight from our washington newsroom. tom, good evening. >> reporter:
another 200 children or so heading to america. brian? >> ron allen in port-au-prince tonight, starting us off. perhaps you're among the millions who watched and donated during friday night's network all-star telethon for haiti. the broadcast raised $58 million and counting, that's a record for any single cause. people are sending a lot through a lot of different charities. but how to keep track of it all. that story tonight from lisa myers. >> why should we give more? >> reporter: the outpouring is unprecedented. $400 million raised at fund-raisers big and small, from the star-studded celebrity tell thon to this effort in south carolina, which collected 100,000 shoes. how can you be sure your money goes where it will do the most? >> you want to find an organization that's got a real track record and proven their effectiveness in the country. >> reporter: ken berger says for this disaster, it's important to give to charities with proven expertise in disaster relief or experience in haiti. >> this is life and death, so every second counts and you want quality organizations with a real track
are we. >> reporter: well, this is an interesting moment in washington. polls repeatedly show america is fed up with washington's ways, so both sides are trying to show it's the other guy's fault for all this partisan gridlock. >> savannah guthrie starting us off at the white house tonight. they are going to take all this videotape apart in primetime on msnbc. take another look at exactly what transpired today. >>> we move to another front news on the economy tonight. the broadest measure of growth surged in the last three months of 2009. fourth quarter gross domestic product in this country grew at an annual rate of 5.7%. that's way above what mo analysts had expected here. much of the gain due to businesses rebuilding depleted inventories. the dow, however, down 53 points. stocks now down more than 6% from their highs earlier this month. now we tn to toyota's big problems, and the growing anger and frustration on the part of a lot of toyota owners. meantime, it was another day of confusion over how this potentially deadly problem with accelerator pedals in so many cars will be fixed
us together, haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home. we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: search and rescue teams from virginia and california packed and took off as soon as haiti's runway reopened. cargo planes rushed in with military teams to assess the damage. "uss vincent" is to arrive tomorrow. an army brigade from the 87ened airborne will begin arriving in days. private agencies are a lifeline, but many aren't sure their building survived. >> as of right now, we don't know if that center is still standing. >> reporter: haiti only has just begun to climb back from three devastating hurricanes two years ago. haiti is about 600 miles from florida. it is crushingly poor. has almost 9 million people. 2 million of them crowded into the quake zone, the capital of port-au-prince. then president bill clinton sent u. troops followed up by peace keepers to quell a violent uprising in 2004. there has been relative peace under president preval. >> i have no doubt haitian people have the spirit to survive. we can't bring the
life in america. ron allen, nbc news, port-au-prince. >>> these days we'll take all the positive stories we can get. we'll have much more from haiti a bit later on. now we are forced to turn our attention to a mammoth political story playing out in this country tonight, as voters in massachusetts choose a successor to the late senator ted kennedy. this race was not supposed to be competitive. it's democrats in massachusetts, after all, the so-called kennedy seat in the senate, b now it may be the political explosion heard across the country. nbc's kelly o'donnell with us tonight from boston. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. voter turnout here has been bigger than expected in an election full of surprises already. this went from being a democrat's sure thing to a contest where many voters know they have the power to weaken the president, health care reform and end democrats' 60-seat super majority in the senate. under pressure and out of time, democrat martha coakley cast her vote today, knowing the fate of her party atened president's agenda has been on that ballot
. >> this is america. we have the right to show the photograph. she is fur-free and she looks fantastic. >> reporter: they both do, but should the leader of the free world be used to pitch a clothing line? >> it's not criminal, but it is unlawful and violates the president's right of publicity. he has a right to choose whether to endorse anything, and if he wants, he can choose not to endorse anything at all. >> reporter: the white house wants the images removed. whatever happens, both groups have gotten plenty of exposure worldwide, exactly what they wanted. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >>> that's our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you for being with us. i'm brian williams. hope to see you back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac --
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of it that way more than art. >> reporter: along the way, transforming america one bridge at a time. tom costello, nbc news, princeton, new jersey. >>> if you've ever visited new york or lived here, maybe you've been to one of the city's most famous restaurants, tavern on the green in central park. the glittery, glass-enclosed space that kept the christmas lights on year round is serving its last meal tonight. just last year it was the second highest-grossing eatery in the country, but business faded and the owners filed for bankruptcy this summer. what is left will be auctioned off next month from stained-glass windows to chandeliers. ndows cking in the new year. chandeliers. >>> rocking in the new year. prilosec otc. knock heartburn... into a whole new zip code. 24/7. satisfaction guaranteed. thataboy. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. prilosec otc. dominates heartburn. 24/7. including the eight hours you spend with your eyes closed. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. it all starts with havinglocks more hotels to choose from.. that's why i book with expedia. so i c
for the people of america. of course if the people who have a good -- a big heart. >> reporter: late this afternoon all three young patients arrived at children's hospital of philadelphia. back at the project medishare university miami 10 hospital in port-au-prince, dr. bart green says that's not nearly enough. >> and you would like to see? >> i'd like to see at least 20, 25 every day. >> reporter: dr. green, his shoes still coated in blood after performing brain surgery on 7-year-old gilliam belix, says he's only asking for one military evac flight a day. >> it's kind of personally devastating. >> reporter: dr. bart green got the good news just a short time ago that those u.s. military flights will resume for evacuations the next 12 hours established now by the white house. meantime, project medishare and the trauma rider center in miami have come up with a plan in conjunction with the u.s. government to establish a permanent facility here that will be staffed, included with doctors from the u.s. military. the whole goal here is to be able to treat haitians in their own country to a
. >> reporter: there are several new laws aimed at america's vices, in the number one tobacco-growing state it will be harder to light up. north carolina's outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants. >> it's my right to not get lung cancer. >> reporter: california is the first state to ban the use of artificial transfats in restaurants. in georgia, a new lead foot law will attack $200 on fines for excessive speeders. here is one for our four-legged friends. in durham, north carolina, it's against the law to leave your dog chained up and unattended outside. >>> in california, a new ordinance that stops dairy farmers from clipping off cows' tails. the governor seems perturbed. >> in the midst of a budget crisis they are debating about cow tail. >> reporter: a new year and new rules to lead us into a new decade. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >>> coming up on tonight's broadcast when "nightly news sncht "continues, the story behind a big hit movie right now, but what's it really like to outplace other people for a living? >>. >> later, making a difference. . i've had asthma for 12 years. 6 ye
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